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Saturday, March 15, 2014

I literally CANNOT remember the last time i needed a haircut because my stylist Isabel from Shunji Matsuo always give me these really lasting hair cut that amazingly, even after 4-6months without trimming it still maintains a good shape and i'm still able to style it well and all. So awesome for low hair maintenance girls like me!

Went to Shunji Matsuo to get my hair dyed and decided to snip off a small chunk of my damaged bleached ends so my hair looks fresh and pretty before Nadnut's wedding. Anyway i still have 8+ months to keep my hair longer for my wedding in November! hehe

Tabao-ed sushi lunch so i can nomnom while i get my hair "prettified" by Isabel hehe

Decided to go for a darker pink-brown this time round with the Shiseido colors! 

 Isabel recommended the Shiseido color because it brings out this shine and gloss of the hair after the coloring which is very rare and good to have obviously hehe who doesn't love shiny glossy hair?!

Leon joined me later in the afternoon because he wanted to get his hair cut by Isabel too!

As usual he is very very full of crap and cannot smile properly like a normal human. haha
Super love my hand blown curls by Isabel!! Love the soft brown color she did for me too. (:

Dropping by Island Creamery for a slab of hot apple pie + apple pie ice cream!

Leon + my freshly cut hair

For TheLuckiestChick readers, there's a 10% off Chemical services when you quote "FIDELIS" at Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, Holland Village!

Hair Salon @ H.V.
245A Holland Avenue,
Singapore 278978
Contact them at: 6762 6088
LIKE them on Facebook
and find them on instagram too! @shunjimatsuo

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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